WEDDING MUSIC: Could Motown Music Be Your Perfect Choice?

WEDDING MUSIC: Could Motown Music Be Your Perfect Choice?

If you’re planning your wedding, then you’ll want to make sure your wedding reception is one of the best parties of your life. If it isn’t, then you’ll be doing it all wrong! If you want to get people up dancing and having fun, as well as creating memories that will last a lifetime, then a live Motown band is a great choice for your entertainment! If you want to know just why Motown wedding music is such a great choice, then read on; it could be the perfect option for your wedding.

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Nostalgia through the generations

With the Motown record label being founded back in the early 60s, most of your older guests are going to know and love some classic Motown songs. But that doesn’t mean Motown is old-fashioned. These songs are timeless with so many instantly recognisable hits that still fill our radio channels and feature heavily on reality shows like X Factor, BGT and The Voice. When people know the songs, they will want to get up to sing and dance along with them. Even better when there’s an amazing Soul and Motown function band playing them live!

Upbeat and fun, paint the Motown red

If you’re aiming for fun and upbeat with your wedding music, and who wouldn’t be, then Motown is a great choice. The style is widely known as a sub-genre of soul music, but has some upbeat aspects that come from pop. Not only that, but Motown combines rhythm, blues and even a little jazz; what is not to love? As a specific genre, Motown also has a rhythmic gospel sound, which can’t help but get people up and dancing with a smile on their face. Motown wedding bands will be able to play a range of upbeat songs with catchy pop hooks.

Incredible range of artists, put the motown on the map

Motown features such an amazing range of artists from Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, and The Temptations. Right up to today, you have artists like Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, Mark Ronson, Leon Bridges, and even Ed Sheeran, all of which borrow the essence of Motown for their music. Who doesn’t know these artists?

Their music is soulful, fun, as well as being a little cheeky, romantic, and optimistic. If you are looking for Motown bands for hire, then check their repertoire, as well as request some songs that you know and love.

Positivity and optimism, take the motown by storm

With such a positive message in the songs, as well as life-affirming sound, Motown music is music that is perfectly suited to celebrating. As such, it is guaranteed to get you and your guest up on their feet, laughing, dancing, and twisting the night away. With live soul bands for hire for weddings, it could be the perfect choice for your wedding.

If you’re looking for a Motown wedding band in Wales to hire for your wedding, then we at Music HQ have an amazing choice of bands that can get you and your guest up and your feet and dancing, for the best party ever. With a Motown wedding band, there will be some unforgettable dancing and some amazing moments for memories that you can hold onto forever.

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